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We are a non-profit community website and your payment contribution supports the Shoreham Independent Traders Collective for future events and the ESBS website.

Even if you don’t feature on the Map…  you can still get listed as a Super Venue!

Off The Map Listing
Only available for Shoreham traders & venues not within the map illustration parameters

  • Digital Map Listings – Super Venues
  • Address / Website / Tel / 45 Words  description / Image / Google Map direction link
  • Category: Food & Drink, Retail, For Fun or Services.
  • Digital Map only


Map illustration: 
    • Bespoke commission
    • Representation of town and surrounding areas
    • Full rights of usage
    • Not to scale
Project renewal: 12 months
Support: Your payment contribution goes to supporting the Shoreham Independent Traders Collective for future events and the ESBS website.
See full Terms & Condition s below.
Status48 in stock

Terms & Conditions

  1. To have a ‘HotSpot’ feature on the map your venue must be situated within the boundaries of the illustration: https://www.enjoyshorehambysea.co.uk/shoreham-visitors-map
  2. Outside of the illustration you listing will only feature in the Super Venues Section: https://www.enjoyshorehambysea.co.uk/shoreham-visitors-map/#super-venues
  3. You can select 1 main catagory: Food & Drink / Retail / For Fun / Services / Market
  4. By making a payment you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  5. Places are reserved by payment only – verbal agreements will not secure your listing.
  6. Payments are required in advance
  7. Payments are non-refundable.
  8. The project will be valid online for 12 months, after which a new map project may be produced and new bookings available.
  9. Bookings apply to an online map highlight on EnjoysShorehamBySea.co.uk (ESBS)
  10. Bookings do not include a business profile page – please email info@enjoyshorehambysea.co.uk to discuss further advertising opportunities.
  11. This promotion may be changed by the administrators.
  12. saydesignUK & ESBS provide a digital platform for SITC to promote, facilitate and raise funds for their promotions and events.
  13. If you have any queries please email: info@EnjoysShorehamBySea.co.uk

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