ESBS (known as EnjoyShorehamBySea) is the intellectual property of saydesignUK. Stephanie Young of saydesignUK is the founder and creative director of  ESBS. saydesignUK works in association with SITC (know as Shoreham Independent Traders Collective) on a quit pro quo agreement where saydesignUK gives SITC as a whole support, representation, promotion and exclusive website functions. In return SITC supplies saydesignUK with website content, shares contacts and knowledge and helps with promotions of the ESBS website. Individual businesses require a separate membership. Discounts, sponsorship deals and collaborations are available. All funds raised via the website including memberships, sponsorships, advertising etc., remain the property of Stephanie Young of saydesignUK to pay for digital design and development, maintenance, marketing, print, administration and any other requirements. saydesignUK owns all property rights to

Stripe card payments from online bookings are paid into the allocated Shoreham Independent Traders Collective bank account. All paypal online payments are sent to saydesignUK. Any outgoing payments have to be invoiced and approved. After design fees, any remaining funds from paypal payments will be transferred into the SITC bank account.

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Last updated: 30/04/2022