Photal Photography

Address: Unit 4 Tarmount Lane Studios, Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 6DA
Facebook: photalphotography1
Tel: 07474 447618
Description: Gallery, photography, bespoke framing & mount cutting service.
Open: Hours or services may differ

Photal Photography is a galley and framers in Tarmount Studios, run by myself Aaron and my partner Sam.

Initially, the business was operating from Brighton Road, opposite the Yacht Club with the help from my mum Kay. However, we eventually moved to Tarmount Studios and have been there for almost 12 years. We love the small community vibe it has and uniqueness to Shoreham. We love the fact there are so many independent shops and places to eat in the area and hope it stays that way.

Both Sam and I studied Photography and Videography prior to the business and know how incredibly difficult is is to get yourself noticed. It’s a very competitive industry and is more often than not, who you know, which is why I decided to setup my own gallery.

I wanted not only a place to showcase my own work, but allow other new artists the opportunity to display their own talents. It can be hard to get into galleries if you are a new artist, plus most include a hanging fee and commission, which not all artists can afford. We however only take 30% commission, and allow artists to showcase their work for free, because everyone deserves a chance.

The framing side of the business was a thought later on. Initially I wanted to go back to college to study Joinery and Carpentry, but just for myself. However, as I progressed through the course, I realised I wanted to add framing to my business, and I have never looked back.

Framing has become over the last few years are biggest seller, especially black and white frames. However, don’t be mistaken, the gallery still draws attention with our artists, especially when we do the Adur Art Trail, which we are hoping will take place next summer. 


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