GLAD in Shoreham-by-Sea

Give Lots Away Day 2nd Sunday of month

By Sarah Hadwen

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Do you have cupboards, lofts or maybe a garage full of stuff you don’t need any more? Yes?!  Would you like this stuff to be useful again?  And out of your house?!  Yessssssss!

Then, you might want to join in GLAD. The idea is people leave useful but unwanted stuff outside their homes, to offer to the community. Think of it like a free neighborhood car boot sale. Remember one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.  We all own stuff we don’t need. Across the globe, this represents billions of valuable items that others would benefit from.

The hope is GLAD extends the lives of products that are unwanted and might end up in landfill. It feels good to pass stuff on to someone who needs it. It’s a win win for everyone involved. 

So, how does it work?

GLAD runs on the 2nd Sunday of the month in Shoreham. Its a monthly event, always the same weekend as Shoreham Farmers markets (so easy to remember!) If its heavy rain, it’ll be postponed to the next month. No point putting stuff out in the rain! It runs 2 – 4pm but can be anytime on Sunday.

And what do I put out?

Anything that’s working and in good ‘used’ condition. Things like toys, clothes, books/media, housewares, furniture – basically anything you might find at a car boot sale, but all totally free

Please no illegal or dangerous items, no rubbish or chemicals.

It’s worth putting out a sign saying ‘GLAD – help yourself!’

If you don’t have a drive or front garden, ask a friend if you can use theirs.  No need to stay with your stuff, sometimes it works better if stuff is ‘unguarded’ as people feel comfortable to browse.  

And then, at 4pm take back home any unwanted stuff.  We cannot leave stuff out, its your responsibility.  

How do I take part?

Just post your street on the GLAD Facebook Events page on the Friday or Saturday before, so people know where is taking part. On the day, its a good idea to share a photo of your goodies with hashtag #GLAD & what street you live on.  That way people will know where to come.

It works best if there’s a few houses taking part in a street, so its more worthwhile for visitors. So, try to persuade your neighbours to join in… but this honestly isn’t essential though.

Hope to see you at a GLAD Sunday – it’s a beautiful thing for everyone involved

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