Eco Conscious Business

By Lynda, EcoOctopus

My name is Lynda and I created EcoOctopus, a small online business based in Shoreham selling unusual and eco conscious jewellery, gifts and recycled cards.

I am a regular attendee at Shoreham’s artisan market and am also part of the art trails in both Shoreham and Brighton. Most of my work is intended to be rustic and unconventional – something a little different to the norm.

I have lived in Shoreham for over 10 years, am part of the houseboat community and have a real passion for the environment and for small, independent business. I am also a keen gardener and photographer.

Having stepped off the corporate ladder, I wanted to take on work that combined all my passions and interests. Prior to Covid, I had plans to tour the festivals with one of my bands so I also needed to find something flexible that could move and sway with the music!

Having previously made jewellery whilst travelling, I decided to return to and develop what has always been a passion of mine. It was only intended to be an interim project but due to shifting circumstance, it quickly progressed into what is now a full time job. It is hard work (I work very long hours!) but it has introduced me to a wealth of wonderful people, has allowed me to develop my creativity and most importantly, it makes my heart sing!

Materials used include pressed herbs and flowers (grown in my garden), eco friendly hemp, recycled copper, ethically sourced gemstones, sea glass and sea pottery.

Process examples include:

  • Recycled Copper – stripped from disused electrical cables and used to make necklaces and the base of earrings
  • Recycled Sea glass – transformed from a waste product to something wearable. Sea glass guardian angels are super popular!
  • Flowers and herbs – Grown in my garden, pressed and used in rings and necklaces
  • Recycled Aluminium – used to make ‘wonky hearts’ which I fill with roses

In addition, I also sell vintage pieces giving them a new lease of life.

Why Shoreham

I feel very lucky to live in Shoreham and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Aside from all the wonderful independent shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants, we are so fortunate to have the Ropetackle. I have seen numerous bands and shows in this terrific venue and look forward to it re-opening again. I have a background in theatre and the arts are very important to me.

I must also mention the Duke Of Wellington, one of the best live music venues in the area. A really precious commodity. I have performed many times in this terrific pub and have seen some fantastic bands. Long may it last!

I also love the farmers and artisans markets and would encourage people to support them, rain or shine when they eventually re-open.

And where would we be without the river and the beach! Many a happy hour has been spent walking, taking photographs and surfing the waves!

What a great community!

I am very impressed with all the support people have shown me. Purchases, great reviews, lots of likes and recommendations. I wouldn’t be here without the support of those living locally.  Thank you!!

And in addition, the local business community have been terrific. It’s a collaboration and one which I am proud to be a part. Particular thanks go out to Ginger and Dobbs, La Patisserie, Maxi’s Post Office, Shoreham Life and ‘Enjoy Shoreham-By-Sea’ for ongoing support, purchases and unfailing positivity.

I usually spent my spare time eating and drinking in Shoreham’s fab cafes and lazing around the beach. As per my earlier reference, I am also in a couple of bands, singing and playing the trumpet 🙂 I was scheduled to tour the festivals last summer but plans are currently on hold. Reggae, funk and folk all mix in to create a great vibe – currently restricted to the stereo!

Oh and I love swimming, yoga, kayaking and dancing (mainly in the kitchen!!).

Feel free to check out my work! I specialise in eco conscious and unusual jewellery but as mentioned, I also sell recycled cards, bags and sari hair wraps!

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